Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Dream As A Spatial Event

The reality check exercise posted a few days back on this blog is appealing on several levels. First of all, it helps keep us in the here-and-now. Another appealing factor in doing this exercise is that it reminds us that dreams are spatial events. I participated in an afternoon dream group with Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak many years ago in NYC. Bosnak's book, Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming, talks about dreams as spatial events. Bosnak says that we could treat each dream as an actual space with borders and forms. A dream is often more than a story, a dream can be a "spatial event." In one of the exercises in his book, one gets into a relaxed state and re-enters a dream, noting the elements of the space: lighting, what is ahead or behind, texture, shape, sounds, smells, boundaries, atmosphere, distance between the dreamer and the dream other or an object.

The reality check exercise echoes the importance of the dream as a space one moves through.

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