Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reality Check Exercise to Improve Lucid Dreaming

Every time you walk through a doorway, say to yourself, "reality check." This exercise is one of many different ways to improve the possibility of a lucid dream. Go to http://dreamstudies.org/ to see a video and read an article about it.

Doorways as a dream symbol:
> a symbol of female sexuality (Freud)
> your relationship with others in the world
> an archetypal motif suggesting an entrance to another world or another state of being, moving from the known to the unknown.


dungan said...

How about doorways as changing life roles, as in "crossing the threshold" into marriage, adulthood, parenthood.. or even death if you get right down to it.

Zataod said...

For awhile I was doing something similar to this, but not on a consistent enough basis. I imagine we must pass through doorways dozens of times a day.

Laura135 said...

Yes, I've passed through dozens of doorways already today and have not yet remembered to do a "reality check." Now I'm going to tie a string around my finger to help me to remember for the rest of the day!

I like how often we use significant phrases without really contemplating their meaning, such as "crossing the threshold."

And some doorways more distinct than others: death, marriage, parenthood. I think the threshold into adolescence and adulthood is less distinct, thereby more difficult to celebrate. I suppose other cultures have marked these transitions better than the US(i.e. Native American vision quests for their young people turning into adulthood--do I have that right?). Anyway, Dungan, maybe you would know more about that than I.

Zataod said...

Laura -- I find it helpful to daisychain reality checks. After I perform one, I visualize myself performing another at some future point in time. In this case, I would anticipate the next doorway that I expect to pass through and visualize myself doing a reality check when I pass through it.

dungan said...

yeah - the adulthood one is basically ignored in this culture. folks like Robert Bly and Michael Mead say that all the uninitiated men are part of why we live in such a "youth" culture. and while women's roles are easier to track (maiden, mother, etc) these traditional roles are tied to reproduction so they are deff not the whole picture.

if you're interested in a great read on native american vision quest and the role of dreams - check out Lee irwin's "the dreamseekers." and thanks for the shout out!

dungan said...

oops - the url cut off but you can find it through a google search, promise!

full title: The Dream Seekers: Native American Visionary Traditions of the Great Plains (The Civilization of the American Indian Series , Vol 213)