Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Sea As A Symbol

photo by lanpernas2 Photo by DougKeeney
The sea is a wonderful and powerful image that often appears in dreams.
Water is linked with the feminine and in a dream may represent the feminine aspect of one's personality. The sea figures predominantly in many creation stories as the bearer of all life. It is stormy, chaotic, and life-giving.

    Water often symbolizes the unconscious or the soul. Look to see if it is calm or what might be lurking under the surface.

    The ocean may contain what one perceives as danger, such as lurking monsters, sharks or whales, storms, or tidal waves. These "dangers" may represent powerful and unpredictable feelings, a repressed aspect of one's personality, or an issue dwelling under the surface.

    The seas figure predominantly in creation myths as the bearer of all life.

Please feel free to share with me some of your thoughts about the sea in dreams, your own associations, or how the ocean has figured predominantly in your dream life. And as you dream about the sea, enjoy the ride. Surf's up!

photo by mikebaird
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Randall Solina said...

I found your dream symbolism insightful once I adjusted to your color scheme. I'd say blue on black does not lend itself to readability for those of us whose sight isn't what it used to be.

Thanks for the post. As I said it helped clarify dreams for me.