Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mud, Saliva, Water, and Light


  • I am always struck by the symbol of dirt, specifically the darkness of it and the fact that it is--well--dirty. It is rot and decay, and yet it is a fertile planting ground, a place to sow seeds, a place of new beginnings and creation.
  • The earth may also represent something practical or a need to get more practical and "down to earth."
  • It may also represent...
    >hard work.
    >a need to be more grounded.
  • If it is clay, perhaps you'll be making something out of it soon. Look forward to that.
  • If it is mud, you may be stuck in the mud, bogged down.
  • Or maybe your name is Mud (your dreaming mind may use it in correlation with the doctor who treated John Wilkes Boothe, but it's correct origin is from the 1700's as the equivalent of "dope" or "dolt" or "scab.")


  • The mouth as the organ of speech, the breath of life, the power of spirit, the inspiration of the soul, an elevated state of consciousness, the ability to reason and communicate.
  • The mouth is also linked with destruction though, in the ability to eat/devour.
  • Within Jewish circles, biblical and Roman times, saliva was thought to have remedial and healing powers. In popular folk medicine it was highly regarded by professional physicians like Galen. Pliny the Elder commended the potency of saliva.


  • Water is a reflection of the light. The light is there, but it is indirect.
  • Water often represents the feminine, the emotions, or the unconscious self.
  • Is it clear or muddied? Calm or turbulent? Shallow or deep? Each of these descriptions will tell you something about your emotional state. For instance, a still lake may represent an inner calm. A storm might signify emotions that are out of control. Clear waters for great insight, murky waters for complications.
  • If you are drowning, perhaps you are innundated emotionally, overwhelmed.


  • Spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.
  • Christ is often called "the light of the world".
  • A dream of pure light is often a healing dream.
  • If there is someone surrounded by light, listen carefully to their words or watch for a gift.

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