Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Bee as a Dream Image

I've posted before about other insects, specifically flies in the treatment room, spiderwebs in dreams here and here, and butterflies as a symbol. Today I am going to post about the bee as a dream image. A few nights ago I had this dream:

A bee is stuck on my left hand, I feel it in between the fingers of my left hand. I am afraid I will be stung, and yet I feel like it is inevitable. I try to shake it off and it remains. Now it is between my fingertips, and I am holding onto it tightly so that it will not sting me.
As I write the dream, I have a sense of danger and fear. I fear I will be stung.

That being said, here are some other associations about bees. Feel free to free-associate and add to my list!

  • busy bee, working bee, industry, concentration
  • bees rally around a queen bee, bees are social in nature
  • if a bee is buzzing around a flower, perhaps there is a buzzing desire
  • irritation, petty issues, small anxieties
  • "honey is sweet, but the bee stings" (proverbs)
  • "the birds and the bees"
  • a bee in your bonnet

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Anonymous said...

no doubt you are afraid of the change that life is bringing you.and after all maybe it will not sting you. let the bee fly, it may have a meesage for you. i say: if it does'nt kill you, why not try it. since the bee is on your left hand which symbolizes your potential i think you have a dream of doing something that needs some daring. the bee tells you that if you follow your dream you can get the honey of life, even if now it seems too big to accomplish
good luck
i was just passing by and these are just my thoughts