Friday, October 10, 2008

The Public Restroom

Have you had a dream image of a public restroom? An overwhelming urge to relieve your bladder? Trouble finding a place to go?

As always, dreams have their own unique qualities. They are a mystery that only the dreamer can solve. That being said, there may be some commonalities that we can comment on here.

First of all, when you have a dream like this, consider the possiblity that you really do have to urinate. Oftentimes physical sensations and outside noises make their way into our dreams.

Otherwise, you can look at this image as symbolizing something in your life that is causing you pressure, something you need to get rid of. Ask yourself these questions:

Is it a public matter? Is it personal? Do you feel exposed? Vulnerable?

These types of dreams may be about the following:
Are you having a minor annoying conflict with someone in your life (i.e. are you "pissed off" about something)?
Do you need to speak your mind? Relieve yourself in some way?
Are you feeling trapped with no options about how things are going to go?

As Richard Wilkerson writes in Self Help Magazine:

"The key here, I feel, is not in finding a good place to urinate, but in learning ways of being in the predicament itself. This is what Jung calls a real symbol as opposed to a simple sign. A real symbol has the ability to hold the tension long enough for a whole new paradigm of consciousness to emerge."

As always, your thoughts and associations are welcomed!

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Kindyland said...

Ha! I loved the "are you pissed off" at somebody comment. That is something I didn't think of. I have this dream, along with a dream of my teeth falling out all the time. Literally, two nights a week at least. I have also had the dream of being naked in public or of being in my underwear in public or having to go to the bathroom and being forced to go in a restroom where there is no door or is in some way easily seen by others.

I swear, I am your dream analysis nightmare (no pun intended). I have the weirdest, most vivid dreams.

I have had a recurring dream of something happening to Nicholas. It varies in content, but usually has something to do with him being in danger and being just within my reach, but I can't get to him. One night I dreamed he lept from a tall tower in a park. Another night I dreamed he was laying on a bed with snakes and spiders all around him and I was getting bit climbing over them to get to him. I know he has a lot of medical issues and it's an underlying fear of him dying or being in some danger I can't protect him from. In almost all of my dreams he dies, and when I wake up, I am SO relieved he is alive. They are really very unsettling.