Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creativity and Dreams

Throughout time there has been a connection between dreams and creativity. Friedrich Kekule dreamt up the shape of the Benzene Ring. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was inspired by a dream. Paul McCartney dreamt the song Yesterday. Elias Howe dreamt how to develop the needle for the sewing machine. Jack Nicklaus dreamt up a new golf swing. Stephen King says that his dreams affect his writing, that many of his novels originate in his dreams, and that his dreams help his resolve his blocks in his writing. Anne Rice uses her dreams in her writing. If you want to read more about these creative dreamers go to Bella Online.

When I write poetry, I use dream imagery as it provides a rich source of metaphor and meaning.

A reader who posts on this blog has a post about her artwork and its connection to her dreams on her blog. You can see it here at a Life with a View.

What are some of your dreams that have led into something creative? Please feel free to share your experiences here and links to your artwork, poetry, writing, or discoveries!

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