Monday, September 15, 2008

The Moon in our Dreams

Who can stand outdoors beneath the light of a full moon and not be in awe of her beauty and her mystery?

Right now, research is underway on the moon's effect on our dream life. Click here to read more.

And if one were to dream about the moon, what might it symbolize?

  • Feminine energy.
  • The intuitive.
  • Madness or lunacy.
  • Romance and our earthly impulses and passions.
  • The unconscious.
  • Growth and fertility.
  • The moon's relationship with water also associates it with imagination and creativity.
  • A full moon may symbolize some kind of completion or fullness.
  • A half or crescent moon may indicate stages of progress.
  • Notice whether you have a sense that the moon is full, or waxing or waning, misted in clouds, eclipsed or hidden. All of these factors can help you understand its meaning.


Kathryn said...

I swear, every time I read one of your posts, I end up having a dream about it. LOL I am entirely too suggestable.

I just peaked at your website from your side bar. Not sure why I never noticed it. Very fancy!!

I am getting thrown into the fire this weekend and am going to be counseling at the pregnancy crisis center in town. I am so excited!! I think my scheduled day is going to be Thursday nights. :) Great experience for me too!

Dream Lover said...

Good luck at the counseling center!

Genie said...

I often dream of two moons. Sometimes more. Or sometimes the moon(s) and other celestial bodies. I love those dreams.

I love moon-themed blog entries!

San said...

I missed the harvest moon, since I was indoors at an induction ceremony for my son at college. The timing was poor. We live outside of town in a subdivision with very few outdoor lights. The stars are visible and full moons are glorious. This one would have been spectacular!

Thanks for the link to the moon/dream research.

therapydoc said...

And let's not forget, there's a man in there.

Dream Lover said...


Freud would like that one! LOL!