Saturday, September 6, 2008

Automobiles and Transportation in Dreams

What does dreaming about an automobile mean? Frequently the car you dream about represents you, your ego, your personality, your life, your ambition, and the direction your life is going in.

What kind of car are you driving? On occasion, the vehicle you are driving may represent your physical body. Often pregnant women dream about driving a small bus or minivan as their bodies grow. If you are driving a sportscar perhaps you love a thrill, speed, and power.

What color is the automobile? Red may symbolize your anger. It may also symbolize male sexual potency and drive.

Are you in the driver's seat? Or are you taking a backseat? Being in the driver's seat might symbolize being in control of your life. Someone else in the driver's seat would mean that someone else is in control of your life. Are you just along for the ride?

If you are driving the car, this might represent your ambition, your drive, and navigating the direction of your life. You are traveling through life with conscious control of your direction.

If you are driving and you are lost, perhaps you do not have a sense of direction right now or you feel lost in your life.

Notice who is in the car with you. Other people in the car may represent those actual people in your life, or they may be repressed aspects of your personality.

How are the tires? Are they flat? Are they worn and old? (Maybe some old ways need to be changed) Do they need air? Or are they blown out? If you have a flat tire, maybe your life is slowing down. Two flat tires? Well, probably you're not getting very far right now. Watch for health issues. Or ask yourself, what in your life is feeling deflated right now?

In the dream, notice issues of conformity or rebellion. Are you obeying or ignoring the rules of the road?

What about issues of safety or danger? Did you narrowly miss an accident? Were you in a car crash? Perhaps something in your life is in conflict with another. Or maybe you have had an experience that was jarring.

Riding a bus could represent your relationship to society, specifically trouble getting onboard or getting off.

Riding a bicycle may symbolize the need for some balance and/or hard work in getting to where you want to go. Are you traveling up or down a road? Trouble riding the bike might suggest difficulties with balance and a flat tire may mean you're not getting anywhere fast. No balance, no bike... again, take a look at your health. Maybe you need some recreation, exercise, and balance in your life. Also, since a bike is usually acquired some time in childhood, this may have to do with issues beginning in childhood.

Is your car parked? Maybe you need to stop and turn your attention elsewhere. Are you having trouble finding your parked car? This may symbolize not knowing where you want to go in life.

Is the car overheating? Look for health problems. Or perhaps you are expending too much energy and getting burnt-out.

And if you dream that your car is stolen, perhaps you are feeling robbed of your identity.

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Kathryn said...

I've often had dreams about being in the car and pressing on the gas and literally being unable to steer. I never wreck, but am always afraid I will.'re making me think I should analyze my dreams more.

And maybe I should start keeping them to myself, lol. Mine are always strange.

therapydoc said...

These are great interpretations. But last night, I had a dream that I was in an old English castle and was sure that no one would steal my bicycle. I got lost and spent most of the dream (a good couple of hours) looking for it, couldn't reconcile that someone probably stole it.

Such is the power of denial. Even in our dreams. Cool, huh?

Dream Lover said...


I'll have to add something to the post about car crashes or feeling the car is out of control. And yes! I think everyone should analyze their dreams! I'm biased, of course. It is a lifelong passion for me.

Dream Lover said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting. I've been following your blog for a little while now. Great work!

I LOVE that dream! Denial in a dream! That's fascinating. And the dream may also illuminate something nice about you, not just denial. A faith in the world, a belief in good...?

San said...

When I was going through a period of frustration, feeling thwarted in various areas, I did dream of being driven around. I was in the back seat, feeling helpless and with no say-so about the destination. And in happier times, I've dreamed of being in the backseat, very happy to be along for the ride, but there was more to that dream than just the ride. Beavers entered the car--it was an animal totem dream.

I turned 55 several days ago and put up a birthday post and a playlist. I dedicated songs to various people. I realize now--I should've dedicated "Spider Web" to you, the dream lover. You probably know the song. If not, come over and listen. Even if you know it, come over. The party's still going...

Dream Lover said...


Happy birthday! I'll drop by your "party" later on today.