Friday, January 16, 2009

Hudson River Landing and Precognitive Dreams

What makes a dream precognitive (seeing the future)? For a dream to be considered precognitive, must it be exact?

Last night I watched the news report about the U.S. Airways landing on the Hudson River. Incredible story; but it wasn't until I settled into bed and reviewed my dream from the night before that I saw an interesting connection. The night before I dreamed that I saw the Statue of Liberty neck deep in water and people swimming in the frigid river.  Looking at this picture, it is as if the windows are the eyes, the tail is the raised arm of the statue.  The dream contained no fear, no anxiety, no need to warn anyone. In fact, it all seemed quite normal.

If this dream was precognitive, "so what?" What good does it do to have a dream that foretells the future when you cannot pin down what it's about?

Let's discuss precognitive dreams. Tell me your thoughts, readers.

If you are interested in telepathic dreams--dreams that are a communication from one mind to another--read a previous post about it here.


Lisa Marie said...

Any dreams I have had that fall under a category of precognitive are more like deja vu type feelings. Nothing hugely ominous, like a plane crashing in the Hudson, but little things like having certain people together and certain conversations trigger a strong sense of rememberance from dreams. It's really very odd to think that you have already lived something in a dream that you are living right at that moment. The brain must put together past experiences and make predictions in your dreams... but what experiences would make you foretell a plane in the Hudson? Strange!

Genie said...

Your last thought is what sticks in my craw. Why have these dreams if they have no purpose?

The only meaning I can extract from precog experiences like this is that maybe it's to let us know, yes, there's something bigger out there. You are connected. But, again, I get drawn back to, "Then why don't you show me something I can use?"

But maybe there's no intelligence behind these experience. Maybe we just don't notice all the other prescient visions/feelings we have because we don't understand that we're tapping into something.

I believe in oneness and the connectedness of everything. Perhaps these glimpses happen to all of us all the time and it's only when we see it on CNN later that we recognize what has happened.

Laura said...


I've had that strong sense of rememberance from dreams, too. That's always cool when that happens!

You wrote: "... the brain must put together past experiences and make predictions in your dreams..." I think you're right. Some author I read once wrote about how the mind perceives things outside of consciousness and stores that information.

I'm not sure that my dream was precognitive. It was a strange coincidence and it opened up an interesting conversation.

Laura said...


Profound thoughts. You are suggesting that because of our Oneness, dreams and visions may be happening more often than we think. I also think it happens to some people more than others.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Genie said...

I definitely think it happens to some people more than others. My mother in law seems to be connected especially strongly to one of her daughters, having predicted all 8 of her daughter's pregnancies (through dreams) before her daughter told anyone she was pregnant. Yet my mother in law doesn't seem to have this connection with any of her other three kids. Although her and my husband can usually get the other one to call them if they think about it long enough.

FrankandMary said...

My mother had dreams, very detailed ones, that came true, more often than not. The problem with that, is not all of them came true, so most certainly she did not want to be calling up the neighbor to tell her she'd better not get on that train today..but then she'd worry all day the neighbor would die on the train :-0

About 3-4 times a year I will have a dream that comes true, but for my mother it was a weekly thing. I have a laissez-faire attitude with mine, but then they are not as much a part of my life as they were of mom's. ~Mary

Laura said...

Hi Mary and welcome to my blog.

That must have been very hard on your mother, to have dreams and not know whether they would come true. I always wondered if the precognitive ones had something different about them, something that would distinguish them from the others.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

therapydoc said...

All I know is, if I just think about someone who hasn't come in for awhile, or hasn't even seen me in years, that person calls me. What's that?

Laura said...

I'd call that connected!

San said...

Laura, I've had some "close but no cigar" precognitive dreams too. All I can figure is they are invitations to deepen my intuition. So that they might become more accurate indicators of future happenings.

Joyful said...

I often have precognitive dreams. The most disturbing were the ones that correlated to 9/11. I dreamed for 5 consecutive nights about it, each dream being a different part of the incident.

The question of why is always there for me.

Laura said...

That must have been disturbing and chilling when you heard/saw the incident.

Yes, the question is, why...? Perhaps we are just tuning into the universe. IASD has a conference with a paper on precognitive dreams. You have to pay for the conference, but it's worth it:

Deborah said...

I too had a dream the night before the Hudson River landing. I dreamed that I was flying (like a bird flies) over water and I couldn't find anywhere to land. It was a dark overcast day and all I could see was water everywhere. Eventually, I was able to see below the surface of the water and I could see piles of suitcases. I know that this is rather a vague connection to the real event but I often have dreams that relate very strongly to events that are yet to happen.

Laura Lefelar-Barch said...


Thanks for sharing your dream. It certainly has a telepathic quality to it!

Hannah said...

I have precognotive dreams all the time, the kind that's close but not exactly like the event that was about to happen. Nobody really believes me when I tell them, but I really want to know how to trigger precognitive dreams and be able to figure out when they are and what they mean. It's getting to the point where I really need to because this type of dream happens about every 2 or so nights, based on all the de ja vu I'm getting. Does anybody know how to decide when dreams are telling the future?