Monday, May 18, 2009

The Element of Surprise in Dream Interpretation

Working on a dream in a group setting or with a psychotherapist often leads to deeper and more meaningful interpretations of a dream. Look for the surprise in the understanding of the dream. To paraphrase Theodor Reik, one of Freud's students (from Surprise and the Psychoanalyst, 1935), "the meaning of a dream... should come as a surprise to both the client and the therapist."


Lisa Marie said...

I remember discussing a dream with my counselor about a year ago and when she explained a few things and got some more information from me, the connections she was able to make were crazy! Like she was reading my mind or something!

San said...

Off topic to your post: I see you are going to be in Chicago, beginning June 26. I will be flying out of Chicago on June 24. Bloggers that pass in the night. Kind of.

Laura said...

What a bummer! I would have LOVED to have a cup of coffee with you! I keep trying to think up an excuse to come to Santa Fe.