Friday, July 17, 2009

How to Incubate a Dream

Before you attempt to incubate a dream, it might be helpful to
To incubate a dream, begin by choosing a topic.
  • How to improve your health.
  • Insight into your state of mind.
  • Resolve a recurring nightmare.
  • Ask for creative inspiration.
  • Insight into relationship problems.
  • Insight on how to better pursue one of your personal goals.

What's important is that you truly want whatever you select and that you will honestly appreciate and make use of it once it comes. Incubation is a powerful process and should be given appropriate respect. For the purpose of this experiment, try to find something that applies directly to your life right now.

Formulate an incubation question, making it open-ended. The dreaming mind responds symbolically and does not do well with yes/no questions.

As you get into bed, hold your question clearly in your mind for a few minutes, repeating it as a mantra. Affirm to yourself that you will have and clearly remember a dream that reveals an insight, an experience, or both.

Stir up some emotions about the topic as you repeat your question. Dreams speak the language of emotions.

As you drift off to sleep, keep your question in mind, all the while feeling the emotions involved, trusting that the exercise will be successful. If other thoughts distract you, return to your incubation focus.

Upon waking, whether in the morning or during the night, record any dreams or thoughts that you've had. Don't judge the content, simply record what you remember.

The dream answer may or may not be obvious to you at first, but trust that the process is working regardless, and try to put any insights you get into practice. Ask someone you trust to reflect upon the dream answer with you.

Even if you don't remember a dream or cannot understand it, your dream may still have an effect. An insight may arise during the day, and you may not even consciously connect it with your dream incubation. The dream's meaning may also become clear at some later date.

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