Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dreamwork for Healing Childhood Wounds

I just finished reading an interesting and moving story written by Edward Bonapartian, an avid dreamer.
In The Stories of Our Lives, Ed writes with a strong and clear voice about his journey in dealing with the effect of his mother's alcoholism, beginning after her death. He shows us how his dreams were an integral, brutal, and beautiful way for him to move forward in life. As he explored his dreams in groups and workshops, he began to trust the intuitive emotions that accompany dreams to help him understand his dreams as well as the dreams of others. This story shows us how dreamwork--and responding to our dreams--creates balance in waking life.
This book is not only about the writer's dreams, it is a life story. In many ways, it is the story of our lives as well. Without awareness, we all spend the present reacting to the past. He shows us that our dreams can help us understand that and move forward. His is a journey of grief and anger, and a powerful message of hope for us all.
Order Edward Bonapartian's book HERE.

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San said...

Ed's book is on my to-read list and you've encouraged me to put it on a higher position on the list!